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0808 Numbers

An 0808 number is a freephone telephone number that offers your callers a free point of contact. An 0808 number also gives you a national presence and improves the profile of your business.

We offer a range of 0808 numbers to suit your business. With an 0808 numbers you can forward calls onto any landline or mobile number, which eliminates the need to change your 0808 number when you move location. An exact alternative to 0808 numbers are 0800 numbers.

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  • Free point of contact
  • Gives you a national presence
  • Increases profile of business
  • Gain advantage over competitors
  • Attracts more customers


Calls to 0808 numbers from a standard UK landline are free, which can help increase calls and retain callers. Charges from mobiles can vary, depending on the operator. Typically, charges from mobile phones to 0808 numbers are between 15p and 30p, and are rarely included in 'free' mobile minutes.


Our Call Handling Solution (Direct Control Voice), allows you to make the most out of your 0808 Number. With features such as call queuing, auto attendant, customised audio messages and in-depth reporting, the solution can help transform your communications along with your new 0808 number.

Call Handling Solution

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