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We’ve been working with high profile banking institutions across the world for over 15 years and have developed a range of business solutions that integrate mobile and voice.

These solutions have a significant effect on improving business performance, but also enhance customer service and decrease the cost of new customer acquisition. We know that there is huge potential for your business to improve profitability, operational efficiencies and transform brand experience.

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Some of our clients

Customer Success Story

Listen to how John O’Connell, Head of Transactional Banking at KBC Bank of Ireland, has partnered with Oxygen8 to leverage SMS to boost customer loyalty and dramatically increase operational efficiency.

The SMS campaigns sent through Oxygen8 Engage, a cloud-based mobile engagement solution, allow KBC to reach out and communicate with its customers instantly, at every stage of the customer lifecycle. As John goes on to explain, Engage has generated quantifiable revenue.

Fraudulent transactions can be a problem, particularly with increasing volumes of Internet and card not present transactions, as well as global travel. The cost of fraud management can be substantial, but the cost of labelling a genuine transaction as potentially fraudulent is even higher. Our fraud management solution is designed to reduce the cost of managing fraud prevention and help you identify genuine transactions quickly, without compromising customer satisfaction.


  • SMS, email and voice broadcast communication options
  • Easy integration to Business Systems
  • Call Connect to connect a user directly to your call centre
  • Act on delivery receipts
  • Use unique PINs or CVV to authenticate CNP transactions
  • Add location based look ups to further authenticate


  • Reduce the time to identify and solve a fraudulent transaction
  • Identify fraudulent transactions quickly to reduce further risk of fraudulent transactions
  • Increase revenue and the number of genuine transactions with positive consumer response
  • Improve management information
  • Improve Call Centre Efficiency

Oxygen8 enables businesses to carry out innovative marketing and communications where you can create your own mobile services and integrate them into your business activities.

Customer Communications

The modern customer demands information is delivered quickly and efficiently. Our solutions allows you to provide customers with timely account information, anywhere, anytime. Delivery receipts allow you to know if the customer has received the text, and you can integrate multimedia to enhance the communication.

For example, if there is a change in an interest rate, you can send a text to customers to confirm the rate change. If there is a change in the terms and conditions on a customer’s account, send a text message asking the customer to phone you. Alternatively, you could include a link in the SMS to a mobile internet site they can click on to read more information online.

Simple SMS campaigns are also a great way of raising general awareness about your current activities, helping to generate sales or to raise brand awareness through mobile competitions and surveys.

Text for info

This service to allows customers to request information about their account(s), anywhere and anytime. Customers register to the service and link their mobile number to their account. Customers can then text in a keyword followed by a defined identifier, such as the last 4 digits of their account or pre-set password. The relevant information is then texted back to the customer.

Keyword/Services include:

  • BAL – get the balance of your account
  • BILL – find out when your next bill is due
  • REWARDS – find out how many loyalty points you have
  • TRANS – get a list of recent transactions on your account
  • MINI – have a mini statement sent to your phone

Pay a bill

Customers can text into pay a credit card bill using a pre-registered debit card. Customers register a debit card against their account and their mobile number. If they want to make a payment on the credit card, they text PAY followed by the amount they wish to pay and the last 4 digits of their credit card. The details are validated by our solution, and the customer receives a reply asking for the CVV number of the card they are making the payment with. When the transaction is completed, the customer receives a confirmation reply via text.

Activate a card

Many card issuers face a situation where a new credit card is sent to customers to replace an expired card, but the new card is not activated. If it is not activated it can not be used. Using SMS makes it easier for customers to activate the credit card.

These services are intended to help companies collect debt in a timely manner.

Payment due date notifications

A push campaign or alert service runs to remind customers seven days prior to the date that their bill is due. The notification includes the last 4 digits of the card or account number as well as the amount due.

Overdue payment service

When a customer has not made a payment on time, an SMS is sent to the customer to remind them that their payment is overdue. There are two variations to the response or follow up on this notification.

1) The SMS that is sent to the customers can ask them to reply in various ways, such as requesting a call back to make the payment or advising the date when the payment will be made.

2) Alternatively, our platform can look for a delivery receipt on the initial notification SMS. If the SMS is delivered, then it is likely that the customer has the mobile phone switched on and is in coverage. A successful delivery receipt triggers a call out to the company’s debt collection team and a second call to the customer, putting the two calls together. The customer can then arrange to make the payment with the debt collection team

Some facts & figures


of mobile banking users report using their mobile phone to check account balances or available credit before making a large purchase in the last 12 months.


of smartphone users actively manage their finances by tracking purchases and expenses.


would like the option of paying with both a mobile phone and credit and debit cards.

Christopher Odindo, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention in Financial Services, A report published by the Financial Services Research Forum, Nottingham University Business School, 2014.

Source: “Oxygen8 GMI Research” – November 2014

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