At Oxygen8 we believe that customer satisfaction must be at the core of every business. With our knowledgeable and experienced Compliance Team we offer full in-house assistance to your final consumers without the need to cope with consumer’s enquiries/complaints.

To be aware of the Regulations and rules we refer to PhonePayPlus Code of Practice. The Code of Practice sets out the rules and regulations for every company involved in providing premium rate services in the UK. You can download the Code of Practice along with guidance directly from PhonePayPlus website.


We work with our clients to ensure compliance, using the following steps:

  1. Informing
  2. Encouraging
  3. Assisting
  4. Monitoring
  5. Warning
  6. Enforcement


What do we provide to your final consumers?

In order to reduce the number of complaints, we take a number of daily actions:

  • We analyse consumer’s spending on a daily basis in order to protect them from any kind of fraud. In this way we reduce the number of complaints by getting to the root of the problem.
  • We attend regulatory Forums to keep us updated with the last Regulations and Rules
  • We are part of a Compliance Resource Network. that keeps us up to date on regulatory changes with daily updates, dashboards and research capabilities.


How can consumers contact us?

To make sure your consumers can access to our services when they need them they can contact us in range of ways:

  • Telephone
  • letter
  • email
  • fax


When can consumers contact us?

If consumers make a complaint:

  • we will acknowledge your consumers complaint in 2 working days and inform them who will be dealing with their complaint.
  • we will respond by email within 5 working days
  • if we cannot answer your complaint within the timescales provided we will contact the consumer and tell him why and when he can expect a full response.


Oxygen8 Customer Service Standards promise:

  • To provide quality services for everyone whatever their race, gender, disability, culture, religion, sexuality or age.
  • To treat customers with respect and always offer a friendly, polite service.
  • To welcome and listen to comments, compliments and complaints.


Latest News

19th December 2014-  OfCom releases draft annual plan for 2015/16

9th December 2014- Phonepay Plus reviews requirement for Prior Permission on Consumer Credit services.

21st November 2014- Latest Payforit scheme rules published, effective from 5th Jan 2015


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