Voice Short Codes

SMS Voice Short Codes

Voice Short Codes

Voice Short Codes are five-digit numbers which support both SMS and inbound calls. This allows you to simplify your marketing campaigns and improve the memorability of your campaign. Voice Short Codes can also be used with our IVR Solution, giving you a wide range of features to reduce costs and enhance your company image.

Why Voice Short Codes?

Voice Short Codes are optimised for mobiles, offering consistent and transparent pricing across all UK mobile networks. With the increase in mobile usage, these short memorable numbers are increasing in popularity with organisations keen to consider the mobile consumer and improve interactions and engagement.

Voice Short Codes also offer consumers the chance to communicate with your company through SMS and voice, which removes the need to have a variety of
non-geographic numbers for each form of communication.

Mobile Marketing Voice Short Codes
Inbound Call Voice Short Codes

Ideal for

  • Customer service
  • Payment collection
  • Marketing
  • Horoscopes/psychics
  • Dating and party lines
  • Charities

Benefits of Voice Short Codes

Alternative to NGN’s

Alternative phone numbers can be off-putting to consumers, especially those calling from a mobile phone. Voice Short Codes offer clear and transparent pricing to all mobile callers.

Cross network coverage

Oxygen8 has direct connections into all major mobile operators, allowing the maximum possible reach to consumers.

Voice Short Code Benefits
IVR Voice Short Codes


The same short code can be used for SMS, MMS and voice, allowing consumers to use various forms of communication to interact with your company and removing the need for multiple numbers for different campaigns.


Five-digit short codes are easy to remember, helping to increase interaction and engagement.

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